Effective Management Techniques: Step 1

Step 1: Names on the Board

Teachers should put names on the white board of students who display positive behavior.  Names are written on the board by the teacher every day and erased at the end of the class day or class session.  Students’ names are written on the board for being good classroom community role models.  While writing a student’s name, the teacher should be specific about the behavior that enabled the student to have his/her name on the board.  For example: “Thank you, Mia, for being prepared to work.  You are sitting quietly and reading while waiting for the next assignment.”  Once a student’s name is written on the board, it is not taken off the board.  If a student’s behavior becomes negative, his/her name is written on a small post-it note and the post-it note goes in the teacher’s pocket.  Everyone should know you are putting names on the post-it note, but no one except the teacher should know whose name is on the post-it note.  The teacher can decide how to deal with the negative behavior at an appropriate time.

Liz Villalpando


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